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Gauteng Provincial Government Departments

The Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) has 14 departments: the Office of the Premier, Agriculture and Rural Development, Social Development, Community Safety, Economic Development, Education, Finance, Health, Human Settlements, Infrastructure Development, Local Government and Traditional Affairs, Gauteng Treasury, Roads and Public Transport, and Sports, Arts, Culture.

Office of the Premier

The Premier's specific role and function, separate from that of the rest of the executive, is defined in the Constitution as:

  • assenting to and signing Bills
  • referring a Bill back to the provincial legislature for reconsideration of the Bill's constitutionality
  • referring a Bill to the Constitutional Court for a decision on its constitutionality
  • summoning the legislature to an extraordinary sitting to conduct special business
  • appointing commissions of inquiry
  • calling a referendum in the province in accordance with national legislation

The Premier also has the following tasks in relation to the functioning of the executive council:

  • convening meetings of the council
  • the Premier is the leader of government with regard to the provincial legislative programme
  • the Premier is the head of the provincial delegation to the National Council of Provinces


Agriculture and Rural Development 

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has been merged with the Department of Social Development. Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for natural resource management and sustainable development in the province. Its main strategic priorities include agriculture, veterinary services, natural resource management, conservation, environmental planning and impact assessment, and integrated waste management and pollution abatement.


Social Development

Social Development works to ensure that the needs of the vulnerable members of our society are catered for. These include child feeding schemes at schools, provision of learnerships, assisting the needy with healthcare, food, clothing and shelter.

Community Safety

The Department of Community Safety works to ensure Gauteng is a safe and secure province. Its responsibilities include monitoring policing agencies, implementing crime-prevention initiatives, managing traffic, educating citizens about public safety and improving the relationship between communities and law enforcement agencies.

Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development is tasked with developing the right environmental framework for economic growth and job creation, and instituting sound financial management policies and structures. The department's vision is to become a centre of excellence, providing economic policy direction, development facilitation, financial management leadership, and contributing to an environment conducive to labour-absorbing economic growth and poverty reduction.


The Department of Education's vision includes smart service delivery of quality public education, to promote a dynamic citizenship for socioeconomic growth and development. The department aims to be at the cutting edge of curriculum delivery, providing access to quality lifelong learning opportunities. The department is committed to eliminating inequality in education.


Established in 2009, the Gauteng Department of Finance incorporates the Gauteng Treasury, the Gauteng Shared Service Centre, the Gauteng Partnership Fund and the Gauteng Fund Project Office. The department works to balance the allocation of financial and other resources to areas that support inclusive economic growth and job creation, and enhanced social service delivery. It ensures that resources allocated to departments are used effectively to help create jobs, grow the economy, improve healthcare, stimulate rural development and food security, fight crime and corruption, build cohesive and sustainable communities and strengthen the developmental state and good governance.

Provincial Treasury

Gauteng Provincial Treasury was re-established in April 2012. The department is responsible for providing leadership and oversight in all financial matters in the province to ensure efficient resource management and fiscal discipline.


The Department of Health aims to provide quality health services and ensure a caring climate for service users, implement best-practice healthcare strategies, create a positive work environment for staff, and provide appropriate and top-quality training for health workers.

Infrastructure Development

The Department of Infrastructure Development was created when the Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works was split into two distinct departments, each with their own mandate. The department works to implement the GPG's capital expenditure budget allocation and other infrastructure projects that utilise sole or joint GPG financial investments, and to maximise the social and economic benefits of GPG's property portfolio.

It also implements the policies of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and preferential procurement in line with the approved targets, and is the implementing agent for all GPG department infrastructure developments.

Roads and Public Transport

The goal of the Department of Roads and Public Transport is to improve the mobility and accessibility of Gauteng citizens, particularly the poor, and to develop transport and socioeconomic infrastructure that helps them to participate meaningfully in economic and social activities. The department's vision is to develop an integrated, sustainable infrastructure that promotes people-centred, innovative, developmental public works and an accessible, safe and affordable movement of people, goods and services.

Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation

The mandate of the Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation (SACR) is to ensure access, increased participation and transformation of the sport, arts, culture and recreation sectors in a manner that yields optimum socio-economic benefits for all in the province.  

The department’s vision is to develop Gauteng as a vibrant home of champions where sport, arts, culture and recreation promote nation building, social cohesion, economic growth and sustainable livelihoods through ensuring skilled, active and healthy communities.

Human Settlements

The Department leads the provision of human settlements in the Gauteng, and seeks to build sustainable communities and give communities access to affordable housing within targeted precincts. One of its programme is the Mixed Housing Developments - an innovative approach to housing delivery that   provides a mixture of housing products to suit low income earners, middle income earners as well as high income earners.
Mixed income developments are aimed at bringing together or integrating communities in well located areas that provide economic opportunities or have greater potential for economic growth. This approach aims to dispel the myth regarding low cost housing and is well positioned to provide an integrated lifestyle to ensure the sustainable development of the area and its communities.

Local Government and Traditional Affairs

The Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs works to effectively support, monitor, and promote developmental municipalities and viable institutions of Traditional leadership. It further promotes integrated service delivery that seeks to enable Gauteng to become a globally competitive city region

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